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Welcome to Loop Reverse Logistics

Loop emerged in 2015 with the aim of meeting the demand for qualified and professional reverse logistics for companies engaged in providing the correct environmental disposal for their waste and eliminating the risk of leakage of confidential information from equipment, hard drives and corporate papers.

What we offer?

Today Loop offers its clients, committed to high operational standards and ESG, whether local or global companies:

  • Waste management in corporate condominiums

  • Solutions for electronic disposal and destruction of hard drives or other media containing corporate information and corporate papers

  • Correct disposal of waste such as light bulbs, batteries, printing tonners cartridge, among others

How we operate?

Loop operates in practically the entire Brazilian national territory through qualified and approved operators. All operators meet technical operational and environmental requirements to meet the different demands of our customers in different regions of Brazil.

This business model has been very successful and adopted by several customers who need a more holistic solution regarding correct disposal in their branches in different regions of Brazil.

All qualified operators by Loop have an environmental license from their respective State and Federal authorization for handling and transporting the waste.

Our customers deserve transparency, promptness, professionalism, and compliance.

Why Loop?

Loop is a privately held company that emerged in 2015 and has served several clients in many market segments for the most varied waste solutions. Since our foundation, we have served more than 350 local and global customers, providing a wide range of solution and services in several states in Brazil, always focusing on the correct disposal of waste and reuse of raw materials to promote a circular economy.


Still have doubts?

Find out how Loop can help your company in Brazil by sending us an email.

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